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5 “Fracking” Stocks To Buy Right Now


A recent Wall Street Journal headline– “U.S. Gas Exports Clear Hurdle” is why “Fracking” stocks should be part of your investment portfolio now.

Let’s review some points that are facts, to my mind – not opinions:

  • Fracking will make the U.S. energy independent within a decade.
  • Fracking will provide the U.S. with the lowest natural gas prices for any developed nation.
  • Fracking has already killed off a great deal of demand for coal from power plants and industrial facilities.
  • Recent EPA regulations on new power plant construction effectively eliminate any possibility of building a new coal-fired power plant in the U.S.

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On the following pages are why your “portfolio” should include these 5 “Fracking” stocks.

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  1. mike dominik says:

    looking for companies selling fracking stocks

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  3. Rudy Nwana says:

    Sounds like David Stockton which can challenge credibility.

  4. A good news for traders!

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