10 States With the Highest Gas Tax

Tom Roberts


#3: Washington                          67.80 cents per gallon

Washington is a big geographical state. That’s why the state’s $16 billion transportation package passed back in 2016 was big on taking more of money from Washington state residents. The plan raised the gas tax almost 20% for major investments include $9.4 billion for state highways and local roads and about $1.4 billion for maintenance. Plus, this packaged created a car-tab tax (sales tax) on automobile values and levied a $25 sales fee on bicycles worth $500 or more, because as you know, bicyclists don’t pay their fair share of the road tax. You can’t make this stuff up.

#4: Hawaii                                   65.16 cents per gallon

Of course, gas is expensive in Hawaii… It’s a state made up of a bunch of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You can’t just drive to a neighboring state looking for cheaper gas. But that’s not the only reason for Hawaii’s high gas price woes. The problem is more obvious when back in 2017 the state approved a 23 cents per gallon gas hike and there is a move by Honolulu to hike the gas tax again in order to grab even more money to “improve roads” and pay for a bloated city government. And, this is coming from a city with the highest gas tax and some of the worst roads in the nation.


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