10 States With the Highest Gas Tax

Tom Roberts

#5: New York                             63.75 cents per gallon

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that “empire state” residents pay one of the highest state gas taxes in the country. What is amazing is that New York City is the only locality in the country where more than half of all households do not even own a car. So where is all of this state tax money going? To fix and repair roads, of course…but not if you ask New York drivers, and to quote one… “da roads here are a mess.” That’s because the gas tax money is funneled into the Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund, and is periodically raided by the legislature to pay state employees, fund pet projects and other state expenses… leaving less money to fix and repair roads.

#6: Indiana                                    61.30 cents per gallon

Is this right? Indiana, the Hoosier state with the 6th highest gas tax? Afraid so. That’s what happens when you mix road projects with political ambition. Most Indiana citizens can’t believe it until they get to the pump and realize they’re paying a lot more than their friends in Ohio and Kentucky. No one seems to know how the gas tax got this high in a state that hosts an annual car race with some of the fastest gas guzzling cars in the world. As they like to say in Hoosier territory, “the Road to the Final Four” leads through Indiana and someone has to pay for it.