10 States With the Highest Gas Tax

Tom Roberts

#7: Michigan                                 61.26 cents per gallon

It should not be a surprise to anyone that the birthplace of the US automobile, the innovative factories of Henry Ford and the home of the big three automakers, is taking a hefty chunk of taxes from folks at the pump. Detroit is in a state of financial emergency. Their roads are a mess from years of neglect while a lot of state tax money is going into rebuilding the downtown area to attract new business and “millennials” … many of which don’t even own cars. And that leaves everyone else in Michigan who depends on a car to pick-up the tab of higher gas prices.

#8: Florida                                     60.30 cents per gallon

The good news: Sunshine state residents do not pay any state income tax. The bad news: Floridians pay the 8th highest gas tax in the country. The thinking goes that this revenue raising strategy would extract a fair share of gas tax money from the hundreds and thousands of “northern” tourists who drive south into the state for winter and summer vacations. But what does that do for the twenty one million people who live and work in Florida? More taxes in the form of more toll roads. With fewer people driving and more fuel-efficient cars, there isn’t enough gas tax money to keep up with road repair so Florida is looking to increase the number of toll roads. Keep your quarters and dimes handy.


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