10 States With the Highest Gas Tax

Tom Roberts

#9: New Jersey                            59.80 centers per gallon

Let’s see if this makes sense. You are not allowed to pump your own gas in New Jersey (it’s a crime) but for many years (before 2016) the state enjoyed some of the lowest gas prices due to it’s location as a major hub for imported gasoline. The state government has been running out of money for years despite the fact that residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. Naturally it was time to raise the gas tax to help pay for roads, bridges and other government projects.

#10: Connecticut                        55.25 cents per gallon

A small state with a big tax bite, Connecticut legislators never met a tax they didn’t love. The state continues to raise their share of the state gas and other taxes. Home to the fifth most congested roads in the country while threatening to bring back their once infamous “toll” roads, the Connecticut assembly is not likely to roll-back their gas tax anytime soon and is expected to make further hikes in the future.


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