Why The Next Few Weeks Will Make Or Break The Markets

August 18th, 2022 Why The Next Few Weeks Will Make Or Break The Markets After the mid-week retail numbers and dovish Fed meeting minutes, I figured it would be an excellent time to review the recent performance of the sectors.  The technology sector has been leading the current charge, and you can see that it […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: OKE Trade Update

TRADE ROLL   ONEOK (OKE) Update   We were reminded that back on 7/19 we took assignment of another 100 shares of OKE stock and that we sold a 19 Aug 60 call. We still have that position open and we can manage that now. Here is the update to that position.   ACTION:  ROLL […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: Roll BGS, OKE

With the market running higher since last week’s CPI report, we have several positions where stock prices are running well ahead of our call strikes. With the market down today, we can start managing several of these positions with rolls.   TRADE ROLL   B&G Foods (BGS):  24.02   Despite rising food prices around the […]

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