Traders Net $860 With Strategic Covered Call Strategy

A well-executed buy-write strategy allowed Income Masters members to generate a 7.8% return on a top oil and gas exploration and production company despite volatility in the sector.

Find out how we managed the trade to a profit, picking up some dividends along the way for good measure.

Lessons Learned From a Losing Trade (and 26 Wins!)

Lessons Learned Stock Market

Successful options trading requires a balance of calculated risk-taking, active position management and the ability to identify new opportunities. The story of two recent recovery trades illustrates how we’re doing just that in Options Income Weekly to achieve our income goals.

OIW Generates Over $1,900 in Q1 With 23 Straight Wins


It was a strong start for the market and for Options Income Weekly members in the first quarter of 2024. Find out how we used our option selling strategy to generate $1,939 in cash with a focus on value stocks and lower-priced tech names.

From Post-Pandemic Laggard to Income Machine

While we rely on a number of factors to put the odds in our favor when selling options for income, everyone loves a good story stock. And it certainly never hurts to have the fundamentals on your side when selling puts and calls!

Find out how we turned a lagging stock into a consistent income generator.

5 Consumer Discretionary Stocks Every Income Trader Should Know

While consumer discretionary stocks have lagged the broader market over the past six months, they could begin to play catchup when the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates. Today, we’ll review five companies that should be on every income trader’s radar — whether they are looking for consistent income streams or opportunistic trades.

CELH Gives Traders a Jolt of Income


The surge in popularity of Celsius Holdings’ product and share price is reminiscent of one of the best-performing stocks of the past two decades.

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