Lack of Jobs Spurs Market Optimism

If you recall, I wrote that while there was more downside risk in the market, there were two things that had the greatest chance of bringing the market out of its trading range: jobs reports and Apple mentioning anything related to bringing AI to their offerings. Both happened last week, so let’s see what the potential impact is for the week ahead.

 How Far Will Apple Fall From The Tree?

With the recent conclusion of the FOMC meeting, the market can breathe a collective sigh of relief as some of the prevailing uncertainty dissipates. However, amidst the ongoing earnings season, where many companies are surpassing revenue expectations, concerns loom over future guidance, particularly if interest rates remain elevated. Let’s delve into the implications and potential outcomes for the upcoming week.

Riding The Coney Island Roller Coaster of Market Uncertainty

Could we see a rate hike before a rate cut? That is the question on the table that will most likely be answered in December of this year. If the Fed doesn’t take action and Wall Street priced in the potential of seven rate cuts, where does that put the S&P 500 for the rest of the year? I’ll tell you why I don’t think we’ll see movement until later this year and where that leaves the major indices until then.

The Three Things Wall Street Has Wrong

Three Things Wall Street Has Wrong

Bad news used to be good news; an increase in unemployment meant rate cuts were coming, but now bad news is just bad news. And the market is reacting, dipping down over 1% intraday! Why is everything upside down now and where are S&P 500 earnings telling us the market is headed? We’re going to take a look at that and more…

Here Come The Scare Bears

Scare Bears - Market Fear

My inbox is flooded with articles about a 50% market drop, the end of the U.S. Dollar, the upcoming Lost Decade, and more. The Scare Bears would have you believe that it’s time to close up shop, stash your money in a mattress, and maybe revisit the market in 10 years. While the Scare Bears have some compelling arguments, I’ll break down why this is a normal corrective move and where it would make sense for the market to go from here.

Dip, Dive, or Dodge – Is a Recession Coming?

ip, Dive, or Dodge - Is a Recession Coming?

The latest round of economic data threw some cold water on the market rally and there’s a key piece of data causing the issue. It’s something that John writes about all the time and has been warning us about for the last year.

And that one data point is signaling an imminent recessionary bear market in the equities market.

Undercover Dividend Stocks

Dividend Artistocrats are the stocks that have been paying consistently rising dividends for at least 25 years and are part of the S&P 500 index.

And while that has been outperforming the S&P 500, I chose to go in a different direction to find undercover dividend stocks to build my portfolio.

This CAT has claws!

While the limelight may have been stolen by the soaring AI stocks in recent months, the industrial sector has been quietly surging alongside, and one standout in this resurgence is Caterpillar (CAT). In our Options Trader Pro service, we’ve been consistently capitalizing on CAT since mid-February, executing bullish positions with a remarkable 100% success rate. Across four spread trades, we’ve accumulated $571 (based on trading 1 contract), boasting an average return on capital of 7% within an average timeframe of just 18 calendar days per trade.

Mastering the Holiday Trade with Calendar Spreads

While consumer discretionary stocks have lagged the broader market over the past six months, they could begin to play catchup when the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates. Today, we’ll review five companies that should be on every income trader’s radar — whether they are looking for consistent income streams or opportunistic trades.

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