Sell These 3 Overvalued Dividend Stocks Now

More Articles There are a lot of overvalued dividend stocks out there. Time to wisely kick a few stocks out of your portfolio. While the uninformed focus on equity markets potentially being a bubble, the most obvious bubble in the market is the risk of some higher-yielding dividend stocks. The fixed income market is normally […]

Collect a Triple Dividend

More Articles How would you like to collect a double, triple, even QUADRUPLE dividend from SAFE, fundamentally sound companies? Believe it or not, there are a number of relatively secure dividend plays out there – fundamentally sound companies with fundamentally sound stocks – that pay between 4% and 7% in dividends. By using a simple […]

3 Stocks to Beat Inflation

More Articles Inflation? Deflation? Where are we?   There has been a lot of talk in the markets about inflation lately. Certain food prices are 30% to 50% higher than a year ago Commodity prices like corn, lumber and cotton are hitting new highs Supply chain disruption due to the pandemic has meant fewer goods […]

3 Shipping Stocks Not Stuck

More Articles How would you like an asset from one of your investments stuck in the middle of the Suez canal? Or waiting outside the harbor in Los Angeles? Following the Ever Given saga, shipping stocks are now back on Wall Street’s radar. The boom of this industry is undeniable. Transporting oil in double-hulled tanks […]

3 Reasons to Own AT&T Now

More Articles AT&T:  The stock you either love or love to hate. On one hand, it is a dividend aristocrat sporting a 7% plus yield raising their dividend every year for the last 36 years. And at the same time the promise of a break-out telecom growth play whose stock price has gone nowhere for […]

5 ETFs That Pay Fat Dividends

More Articles Are you looking for ETFs instead of stocks that pay fat dividends? Look no further. The ETF landscape is wide enough now that you don’t have to venture into individual equities to get a diversified basket of high dividend yield stocks. Today, there are ETFs that do just that, and the following 5 […]