Three Top Ways to Trade Excessive Market Volatility

Three Top Ways to Trade Excessive Market Volatility More Articles There’s a good deal of fear in the market. At the moment, the Dow is down 646 points, as the NASDAQ sinks 241. All thanks to the omicron virus, which is now in 43 U.S. states, and about 90 countries. Worse, Michael Osterson, director of […]

The Top 3 Ways to Make Money with Higher Inflation

Higher inflation has been rough on us all While there’s hope inflation will cool, we have to contend with consumer prices we haven’t seen in about 39 years.  According to the Labor Department, CPI jumped 6.8% in November, year over year.  That’s the fastest increase since June 1982, when inflation was up to 7.1%. If […]

Boom Goes Electric Vehicle Stocks

Boom Goes Electric Vehicle Stocks More Articles   Electric vehicle stocks are booming just as gas prices are ticking higher. You’ve watched shares of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) rocket from a low of $100 to $1,228 over the last year. Even companies like Nio (NIO) ran from about $5 to $42 in recent months. The move […]

3 Top Oil Stocks that Pay a Safe 4%+ Dividend Yield

More Articles One of the top year-end strategies to consider is the Dogs of the Dow. Not only does the strategy allow you to potentially profit from down and out Dow stocks, it allows you to collect respectable dividends, too. Over the last six years, here’s how the Dogs did compared to the Dow Jones. […]

One of These Food Stocks Could Pay You a 6.5% Dividend

More Articles If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you’ve watched food prices explode higher. Beef, milk, vegetables, snacks, you name it. What used to cost me $120, now costs closer to $180. All as higher inflation just begins to squeeze us all. With food producers struggling with shortages, bottlenecks, labor issues, transportation problems, […]

3 Top Dividend Stocks to Own Now

More Articles One of the best ways to build passive income is with dividend stocks. There is nothing like collecting a monthly or quarterly dividend check along with stock appreciation. In fact, find a stable company with a stable dividend, and you can build stable wealth.  Even better, companies that have consistently paid dividends are […]