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Last Week's Income Report: June 27, 2022

selling options

In the latest Options Income Weekly, I discuss the recent market action and how we are generating a ton of cash following our pivot to selling calls on a number of our positions.

Last week was one of the busiest in the history of Options Income Blueprint. Members generated a total of $913 in cash by selling options. The bulk of last week’s income – $742– came from selling calls on stocks we owned. 

As I mentioned last week, we decided to accept shares on most of our positions rather than continuing to roll our puts. The reason was simple: I saw greater opportunity for members in selling calls, both from an income and capital appreciation standpoint.

Some hardcore put sellers view accepting shares and selling calls as admitting defeat. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

These are likely the same traders who like to bemoan “forgone profits” when they do sell calls. But there is no such thing. A profit is a profit. A loss is a loss. There is nothing in between.

This bear market has savaged nearly every corner of the market, leaving the majority of investors in the red. But the cash you generate from selling options can help offset those losses and yield attractive rates of return.

For instance, I said earlier that we generated $742 in cash last week from selling calls. The capital needed to support those positions was $35,816. So, we earned a 2.1% return on our capital last week. If you could repeat that 52 times a year, your annualized rate of return would be over 100%.

Our focus will remain on selling calls in the weeks ahead, rolling to higher strikes if necessary. Of course, we will continue to add new put positions as well. Because when it comes to selling options, its not put options or call options that’s king. It’s cash. 

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