Income Masters Trade Alert: ZM, DKS

Please do not chase the trades by accepting less premium than the “go as low as” prices recommended below. Work your limit orders but exercise patience and let the trades come to you.   Zoom (ZM)   Current Stock Price: $65.82   Action: Sell to open ZM May Week Four (5/26) 64 Put   Recommended […]

Income Masters Trade Alert: LNG

Let’s book profits on our Cheniere Energy (LNG) put, earning a 0.6% return in seven days, or 30% annualized. Current Stock Price: $148.98 Cash in Hand: $1.45 Action: Buy to close the LNG May Monthly (5/19) 140 Put for around $0.65, but adjust as needed to close today Profit: $0.80, or $80 per contract

Income Masters Trade Alert: DIS

Walt Disney (DIS) is scheduled to report earnings on May 10, and I do not want to hold a position through the announcement. At present, our DIS May Week One (5/5) 99 Call is in the money and our shares are on track to be called away. If DIS closes below our strike, we will […]

Income Masters Trade Alert: COST

Let’s keep the profits rolling in by closing our Costco (COST) bull put spread, earning a 4.2% return in less than 24 hours. Current Stock Price: $496.03 Cash in Hand: $0.38 Action: Buy to close the COST May Week Two (5/12) 470 Put for around $0.45 Sell to close the COST May Week Two (5/12) […]

Income Masters Trade Alert: MPC, SBUX

Let’s book fast profits on our Marathon Petroleum (MPC) and Starbucks (SBUX) puts, earning annualized returns of 120% and 86%, respectively. MPC May Week Two (5/12) 100 Put Current Stock Price: $107.72 Cash in Hand: $1.08 Action: Buy to close the MPC May Week Two (5/12) 100 Put for around $0.42, but adjust as needed […]

Income Masters Trade Alert: CVS

CVS Health (CVS) has sold off despite the company reporting better-than-expected first-quarter results. Revenue of $85.28 billion was up 11% year over year, while adjusted earnings per share of $2.20 easily beat Wall Street’s estimate of $2.09. However, management lowered its full-year earnings guidance due to costs related to the recent acquisitions of Signify Health […]

IM Alert

Alert Date: 04/17/23 We have three positions expiring tomorrow. Two of them are too far in the money to roll and we will be called out of the stock. The other position we can roll today for a credit while picking up another $1 in potential appreciation. Cardinal Health (CAH): 81.12 Cardinal Health has been […]

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