Las Vegas Can Teach You a Lot About Trading Risk

January 2, 2020

I spent three days in Las Vegas, which is about all I can stand (the other seven days were in Arizona).

If you take a step back and peer through the free-drink fog, Vegas can tell you a lot about

Pairs Trade Profits: $1,100 in 5 Weeks

November 20, 2019

The “Pairs Trade” is a great way to play both sides of the market … in effect to stay neutral.

If stocks go up, down or sideways, you can still book winners.

One way you can achieve this neutrality is

5 Stocks Made for Credit Spread Profits

September 12, 2019

Traders are always looking for stocks that you can trade in and out of for consistent credit spread profits.

I’ve found 5 that we’ve traded in my Smart Options Income program over and over again for very profitable results.


Profit from both sides of a trade … on the same day

August 26, 2019

Profit from both sides of a trade … on the same day?

One strategy I’m using more in the type of unpredictable market we are in is the paired-trade concept.

Basically, it’s trading two stocks/ETFs in the same sector on

Profits on MCD … “I’m Loving It”

July 29, 2019

McDonalds (NYSE: MCD) has long been a favorite target of investors and traders.

And why not … steady sales…an increasing EPS… and enough volatility for option traders to bank profits.

But as volatility in the market this year …

Cashing In On an “Over-Priced” Option

July 17, 2019

Each week I run my “Trade Scan” looking for “over-priced” options to “cash in” by selling credit spreads. Look what I found…

… Several stocks hit my screen but the one that got my eye was medical device maker, Boston

This Earnings Volatility Crush Gave Us a 47% Profit

June 25, 2019

Trading earnings is “red meat” for many traders.

You know, the bright, shiny object. It comes around four times a year … like clockwork … delivering more stock-moving opportunities than most can handle.

It can be intoxicating.

But here’s the

Two Bullish Credit Spreads Return 20%+ in May Sell-Off

June 19, 2019

Credit spreads are a versatile and forgiving strategy and here are two recent “bullish” trades I closed for 20%+ gains during the recent May “sell-off.”

Both trades were bullish credit spreads.

Both stocks went down in price during the life