The Cost Of Expansion

bear market

This is a trade that you could look for short-term selling but it could eventually be a good time to buy for the long haul

I Can’t Drive 55


Let’s start walking through a deeper dive into the numbers and see where the market is going from here…

Mark This Date On Your Calendar!

Could this one date really mean so much to the US economy? That date is June 1st, 2022. Today’s trade ideas are in the transportation sector…

Three Stocks Ready For a Breakout!

growth stock

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM) reported their first-quarter revenue was up 55% year-over-year and they are planning on price hikes in 2023 that will be passed along to their customers.

I Warned You This Would Happen

Economic Status Board

This is why you read Filthy Rich, Dirt Poor. On April 27, I warned you that the S&P 500 was sending warning signs it would trade lower and told you there are three critical levels of support.

What’s For Dinner?

Tyson Foods (TSN)

If restaurants weren’t hit hard enough during the pandemic, some of them are struggling to find their footing as food prices soar.