Triple Play Income Trade Alert: RIO, VALE

Two of our inflation beneficiary stocks are uncovered and have now put in several days in a row of positive price gains. We can sell calls on these positions today.   OPEN NEW CALL   Rio Tinto Group (RIO):  70.20   We have around $10 of cash (1 contract) in RIO since the beginning of […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CAH, OKE

Stocks are trading higher after last weeks’ sell-off. Let’s start managing a few of our open and uncovered positions early this week. Here we go:   OPEN NEW CALL   Cardinal Health (CAH):  56.87   Our 20 May 58 call expired worthless on Friday. Cardinal doesn’t go ex-dividend until 6/30 and we can sell a […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CAH, DOW, OKE

We were hoping to manage more of our positions today after the market opened higher, but the stocks across the board couldn’t hold and we have another sell-off close heading into the weekend.   Here are a few position updates but we have no positions to manage today.   NO ACTION   Cardinal Health (CAH):  […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, PM

TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  101.60   No let up in the fertilizer shortage and skyrocketing prices from the recent economic and world events. Some experts are even predicting another 18 months to 2 years of over-demand for fertilizer prices.   That has been good for our position in CF Industries were the stock […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: BGS, KHC

“Mr. Market” continues to get hit as we are down again today at the open. Most stocks are in a bear market due to increasing worries of increasing economic slow-down and what most experts think is an inevitable recession.   We have several positions we can manage today ahead of expiration Friday tomorrow.   TRADE […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: DOW, IBM

  After a wild few days in the market last week, maybe we will see some calmer conditions prevail. Volatility has eased and there are some opportunities for us to manage a couple of our positions early in the week.   NEW TRADE   Dow Inc. (DOW):  68.29   Our Dow 66 put expired worthless […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: ABBV, CF, SO

Here are several more trade adjustments for our Triple Play Income portfolio.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie Inc. (ABBV):  152.88   AbbVie stock price has found a footing here in the 152 range. We feel comfortable enough to sell a covered call below our entry price and manage it tightly.   ACTION:  Roll ABBV 13 […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: IBM, PM

This market continues to whipsaw stocks intra-day. Two days in a row where we start out with positive gains in the indexes and just before noon the sell-off begins. Today a repeat. That’s why we are waiting through the noon hour before issue trade management alerts.   TRADE   Philip Morris (PM):  102.55   Philip […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: GILD

Another typical trading day with the S&P 500 up at the open, started selling off around 10:00 AM, bounced higher around noon and seems to be stalling out heading into the end of the day. Hate to do wait until the last hour to trade but sometimes it pays to be patient and wait this […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: KHC

Another week and another sell-off in the broad market. The increased volatility in stocks means we are seeing higher premiums in our options. However, with stocks bouncing up and down through support and resistance limits, we are being more cautious in our trading.   There are a few factors we are facing with our Triple […]