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How To Beat A Bear Market – Part 4

September 22nd, 2022

How To Beat A Bear Market – Part 4

Good Morning!


Today we wrap up the video series, How to Beat a Bear Market, by focusing on “The Stack.”  I reveal more details and specific results from the 4 different trading tactics we use in “The Stack” and show you how they require less capital but yield some very exciting returns.  


This is the final video in our special video series for the week.  


Watch Today’s Video Here


We’re closing out the first week of me taking over Filthy Rich Dirt Poor while Jeff Wood is still out ‘gallivanting’ on vacation.


I’ll be back next week with daily ideas and more to help you navigate the rest of September and to plan for Q4 ‘22 trading.


Again here’s what we covered this week:


Monday: Where we are now + The Stack, Part 1

Tuesday: S&P 500 Projections & When the Bear Market Ends +

Wednesday: Fed, Inflation + The Stack, Part 2

Thursday The Stack, Part 3

Friday: Register for the September 26th Webinar


Don’t miss this last video in the special video series, then make sure you reserve your seat for Monday’s presentation.


Trade Smarter,


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