November 11th, 2022

Four Bullish Market Indicators Heading Into Years End

Indicator One:  
The market flipped in a day and skyrocketed as soon as the much-anticipated Consumer Price Index report was released in pre-market.  The report showed that prices rose 7.7% year-over-year, but that was the smallest increase since January.  Is inflation really in the rearview mirror?

Indicator Two:
Fed pricing for the December meeting is now heavily tilted towards a 50 basis point increase rather than a 75-point increase as the CPI is lowering and the job market is softening.  Those close to the situation see a 50-point increase in December as a > 70% chance of happening.

Indicator Three:
The 10-2 yield spread is leveling out and coming off a low.  If we see this climb above -0.45 (it’s currently at -0.52), we could see the Santa rally start to kick in.

Bullish Market

Indicator Four:
Ok, this is the sad one, but comes in under the bad news is really good news category. Jobless claims came in at the high end of the consensus range for the week, coming in at 225k. This comes on the heels of companies like Meta Holdings (META) announcing layoffs and Amazon (AMZN) launching a cost-cutting review. A softer job market should help ease inflationary pressures.

Bullish Market

Now, before we get too excited. The market has a very recent history of giving us strong days, only to take them away soon after. Will this be another one of those times?

Bullish Market

The market does seem to have a violent reaction when the SPY is hovering around its 50-day moving average. It closed above it for two days and the moment it fell below, the market propped it back up the next day. Institutions are coming out to play.

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There are two stocks I’m looking to trade next. I’m looking at Horizon Therapeutics (HZNP) and Agilent Technologies (A).

HZNP found support along its 50-day moving average and bounced higher after its recent earnings report. It’s hitting a line of resistance that has been around for a while. Some could argue that it filled its gap and will now be headed lower. It’s on my watchlist for now. It tends to perform well in the November to December timeframe, so I’m watching to see how it will respond at this level.

Bullish Market

Next is Agilent. It finally broke above $140 after being stopped there on three separate occasions. Maybe even four if you count the big red bar. If this line starts acting as support, we could see Agilent retest the highs of $149and maybe go higher. I certainly like that it’s been in an uptrend since mid-June.

Bullish Market

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Jeff Wood

Editor, Filthy Rich Dirt Poor

Trader, Options Testing Lab

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