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Attention Filthy Rich, Dirt Poor Reader: A complimentary short video training series (2 videos) enclosed, read on to get the details…

As you may have noticed, I like to go through a set of rules before I look for trades. I like to look at the market, go through and see what reports might affect the markets that week, and start building my watchlist of trades from the top down. I look at sectors, and industries and then try to find the stocks that are setting up for a trade.

In other words, I have a trade plan.

In this extremely volatile market, there’s no better time to implement a plan for success…

If you don’t have a trading plan, or don’t understand why you need one…

I invite you to learn from one of my trading mentors, Jody Samuels.

She has a two part video series that will help you transform your results.

Did I mention, she’s made this training completely free to the readers of Filthy Rich, Dirt Poor?

The simple personalized trading plan, she discusses in this training, can immediately transform your results from good to elite…

This free training is available for you here.

After this quick 2-part video series training, you’ll immediately be able to:

  • Eliminate feeling overwhelmed in your trading
  • Get rid of frustrations for good
  • Set and focus on trading goals created for YOU
  • Track and measure YOUR results
  • The 5 P’s to transform your results from good to elite

Don’t continue to proceed down a path of haphazard results, emotional swings, and struggle in your trading and investing.

Get the free training and workbook here.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything we can help with, reach us at any time.
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