Altaba (AABA) is no Alibaba

Jon Lewis

Altaba (NASDAQ: AABA) is an investment management company born out of the sale of Yahoo! Inc.’s Internet business to Verizon (NYSE: VZ).

Yes, that Yahoo…the same one we’ve gone “back to the well” and traded the “bearish” side of this stock for quick profits before.

Many investors think AABA is a proxy for Alibaba (NYSE: BABA), since Altaba’s main asset is a 74% share ownership of the Chinese “Amazon” giant. However, the recent trade war with China has created a lot of uncertainty in AABA causing the implied volatility to skyrocket giving us another ripe trade opportunity.

Let’s do it again. Altaba is no “Alibaba”. Watch my latest Trade Scan video to find out how you can take advantage of ABBA’s China exposure and capture a rich credit for yourself.

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