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Read on to discover how you could build jaw-dropping wealth…
…no matter what markets you trade

Dear Alarmed Trader or Concerned Investor,

If your throat tightens, your shoulders hunch, and your stomach ties itself in knots every time you check the Dow or NASDAQ…

It’s not just you. 

The events of 2022 have traders and investors feeling deeply unsure of what move to make next…

Things are so in flux that between the time I send this letter and you receive it, some of what I just said may already be outdated.

So if your blood pressure is soaring through the roof right now, you are certainly not alone.

But you are in danger. 


Because tumultuous feelings can lead to rash decisions and expensive mistakes. They often create more trading risk than the actual event triggering your anxiety and confusion!

Unless you have a plan to keep yourself in check. 

If you’ve been trading for a while, I’m probably not telling you anything new. You may already understand the impact your emotions have on your portfolio. After all, there are plenty of resources out there to help traders take control of their emotions so they make smarter trades. 

But the truth is controlling fear and greed is only one small part of what it takes to trade successfully. 

There’s a major fail-safe every trader needs to put in place before they trade a dime. Yet an alarming number of traders and investors completely overlook this basic step.

Instead, they jump right into making trades – and risk losing their shirt whenever a major destabilizing event happens. 

That’s a huge problem, because markets will always be volatile. 

Today it’s Russia… inflation… post-Covid…

Tomorrow, it will be something else.

That’s why I’ve created a brand new tool that not only keeps you steady and level-headed during violent market swings…

It also covers every single pillar you need in place to secure consistently profitable trades. 

It’s based on my one-of-a-kind “5 Ps Method” and it works no matter what you trade. So it protects you whether you’re trading volatility in the options market … playing the swings… looking for opportunities with momentum… or trading in any other market.

My method flips traditional advice on its head by encouraging you to invest in how you trade instead of what you trade. If you take these foundational steps now, you’ll make smarter, more profitable trades for years to come. In just one month, you could be on track to 2X, 3X, or even 5X your profits.

How 14 Years as a Top Trader at JP Morgan Inspired Me to Create a Plan That Bulletproofs Any Trader in Any Market

My name is Jody Samuels, and I’ve been an institutional trader, retail trader and trading coach for over 40 years. 

Over the past 4 decades, I’ve watched trader after trader trip up over the same exact mistakes. 

Before I knew better, I made these same mistakes myself. 

Then I discovered a simple way to make consistently profitable trades, rebound quickly from unavoidable losses, and build lasting, rock-solid wealth. 

Now, I’ve created a comprehensive, step-by-step tool to help you easily avoid common profit-busting pitfalls so you can confidently grow your portfolio. It works for any trader, in any market so it helps no matter what you trade.

I’m going to share this tool with you in just a minute, but first I want to tell you a little bit more about why I created it in the first place.

The Hidden Price of Successful Trades

One thing I learned in my forty years of trading is that if you don’t have a bulletproof trading plan, you’ll pay the price. Even on your most lucrative wins.

Let me explain …

When I started trading the currency markets at JP Morgan in the 80s, I had to prove myself as a woman on Wall Street. I was very good at my job, so I rose up the ranks quickly. I became VP, and the first female GBP (British Pound) trader in the global banks.

I made so many successful trades that JP Morgan tasked me with teaching Foreign Exchange in their Commercial Bank Training Program. Because I successfully traded the British Pound from 2.40 to 1.05 and back to 1.50 during very volatile times, they promoted me to Assistant Chief Dealer on the interbank trading desk.

I made millions in the process, but it cost me.

Because while I earned my fortune, I had a front row seat on the roller coaster ride of trading in volatile markets. And boy did it take me for a spin.

I rode fear and greed right to the brink of burnout.

I stayed up all night, thinking and rethinking my next moves…

I neglected my family and friends, until my personal life finally spun out of control…

I ignored my health, and even wondered if I may have shortened my lifespan…

By most accounts, I had achieved tremendous success. But the truth was I felt miserable. I knew there had to be a better way to get the same results, without sacrificing my time and health.

I was determined to crack the code on how traders could achieve success and not burn out. That’s when I began analyzing the successful trades I made, and dissecting the losses I suffered. I made mental case studies of how some traders amassed ridiculous amounts of wealth, while others got driven out of the business. I dug deep, took detailed notes, and wrote out all the ways traders could avoid the same mistakes I made. 

After Wiley published my first book, The Trader’s Pendulum, the 5-star reviews came pouring in. Traders all over the world have thanked me for writing it. They’ve told me how they use it as a guide to better themselves, achieve higher results, and find a balance between trading and their personal life. 

Among other glowing praise, The Trader’s Pendulum has been hailed a “must read”, “the best investment I have made in my trading career” and “the best practical know-how book of my trading career” from traders all over the globe. 

I’ve been invited to speak at Harvard University, New York Traders Expo, Las Vegas Traders Expo, Chicago Traders Expo, and the Toronto Money Show. A private group of 500 investors asked me to speak in Shanghai, and I delivered a keynote address on Global Markets to over 100 investors in Dubai. Not only was I honored to accept all these engagements, I felt exhilarated every time I spoke on successful trading. Sharing my knowledge and insight with others truly lights me up.  

I founded my award-winning trading education company after I realized my calling as a trading coach and mentor.



Here’s What My Coaching Clients Say About Working With Me

“I began with a deposit of $50,000 into a brokerage account. Within a year, I was managing over $1 million, and that number has increased to the mid-seven figures today… Now, almost always, I look at potential investments through the filter of Jody’s approach. Her ideas have stood the test of time.”

JAW Investor
JAW Investor Texas USA

“Jody stopped my journey from heading in the wrong direction” 

Kel T.
Kel T. Professional Currency Trader

“I’m lightyears ahead of where I was.” 

- Carlos M.
- Carlos M. Trader, Mexico

When you have Jody, you are benefiting from decades of experience in the markets…. You are getting the master to mentor you. In order to exponentially grow our investing/trading skills, we all need a great mentor like Jody. ” 

Jacques L.
Jacques L. Investor and Trader, Ohio, USA

Mark Your Calendar for August 2nd if you…

A message from John Hutchinson of Trader’s Reserve:

I’m about to tell you what you need to hear – and it’s probably not what you want to hear.

There’s only one thing responsible for your success – or failure – as a trader. 

And that thing is you. 

Not some “holy grail” system. Not the current interest rates. Not global politics. 

Traders Reserve gives you solid fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and smart trade recommendations so you make smarter investment decisions. But the stone cold truth is that none of that matters if you don’t have a solid plan for HOW you’ll use the information we give you. 

And I guarantee 99.9% of all retail traders don’t have a plan. 

Do you?

That’s why we’ve partnered with Jody Samuels. 

Jody’s new group coaching program has everything you need to create an actionable, step-by-step blueprint for building lasting wealth – no matter what you trade. She’ll show you how to make yourself profitable, track and measure your results, then repeat what’s working so your portfolio consistently grows. 

Why should you listen to Jody? 

Because she’s the woman who strolled into the currency markets at JP Morgan in the 1980s, and quickly became their head British Pound trader. To be a shark in those waters, you’ve got to have some seriously sharp teeth.

She’s also an award-winning coach with a track record of helping traders and investors make themselves very rich.

Now Jody has condensed her 40 + years of experience into a new program that helps you fix mistakes you don’t even know you’re making, and patch up holes you don’t even know exist.

Jody’s program is different from anything else out there. Because it focuses on YOU and how you trade, IT WORKS WHETHER YOU TRADE OPTIONS, STOCKS, FUTURES, FOREX, CRYPTO – OR ANYTHING ELSE. 

Whether you’re brand new to trading or you’ve been trading for 30 years, Jody’s program helps improve the one factor really responsible for your trading success: you.


I’ve spent decades coaching traders, and I’ve consistently found that almost all make one fatal mistake: they don’t have a trading plan. 

Some simply don’t realize they need one. Others have no idea how to make one. 

This leads to common mistakes like:

  • Going all in on one tactic or guru … 
  • Giving away your power by chasing after some elusive “holy grail” system…
  • Making rash, uncalculated moves out of fear, greed, or frustration…


My new group coaching program, THE MILLIONAIRE’S TRADING PLAN, uses my one-of-a-kind 5 Ps Method to help you build a comprehensive trading plan that – if followed thoughtfully –will put you on the path to making smarter, and potentially more profitable trades so that you come out on top and build lasting wealth.

It Includes

4 Week Virtual Coaching Program

Access to All Recordings for 1 Full Year

Break-out Sessions During Coaching

The 5 Ps featured in THE MILLIONAIRE’S TRADING PLAN cover each essential pillar needed for a rock-solid trading plan.




  • How to spend less time chasing profits and more time enjoying them. Streamline trades so you can kick up your heels with family, friends, and your favorite hobbies instead of being chained to your desk. 
  • The “duality trick” that turns everyday investors into disciplined traders. Plus, 5 simple ways you can quickly master this skill yourself. 
  • Single most important factor to ensure trading success. (No, it’s not finding the perfect system or guru.)
  • WARNING: Most traders neglect this business 101 basic. Why you shouldn’t take another trade until you complete this often-overlooked step! 
  • The dead giveaway you’re undermining your portfolio with this hobbyist mistake. Plus, how elite traders stay in control in a notoriously uncontrollable industry. 




  • How to control your emotions so they don’t control you. The key to level-headed reactions and bias-free decisions. 
  • Timeless marriage secret every trader should steal. (This simple formula practically guarantees you’ll grow your portfolio 2X, 3X or even 5X faster than before.)  
  • Scared of getting rid of positions too soon or holding them longer than you should? Good! The tricky way to manipulate your fears so you become a better trader.
  • Dangers of lily pad trading. Why hopping from one system to another leaves you in hot water. Plus, what you should do instead.
  • The Truth about Risk. The #1 question to ask yourself before you assess your risk aversion. 




  • The ONLY way to prevent reckless gambler mode or hot-headed revenge trading. Ready to give up your seat on the emotional rollercoaster for good? This one move single-handedly spares you from countless portfolio-busting mistakes.
  • How to tweak trades for maximum profit.  (WARNING: NEVER do this to a system in play!)
  • It’s impossible to truly control your win/loss ratio right in a volatile market, right? WRONG! How you can start seeing consistent gains — even in the most unpredictable times. 
  • How to confidently get out of a bad trade — fast. 
  • Customize a “Sword and Shield” system that pounces on profits and deflects risk — no matter WHAT or HOW you trade.
  • Stupid simple “old-school” hack prevents unforeseen disaster. (Miss this and your whole portfolio is at risk.)  




  • How one simple morning ritual sets you up for success. Skip this at your own peril! (No, it has nothing to do with your pre-market analysis.)  
  • The foolproof, ultra-specific 3-step formula that removes speed bumps from your trading day. This works no matter how volatile or quiet the market gets. 
  • What one of the most controversial players in baseball history can teach you about elite traders
  • BEWARE: The exact loss ratio to never exceed. Plus, the smart safety step to make when you hit the danger zone.
  • The smart trader’s stopgap for 100% risk-free strategy adjustments. 
  • Beyond entry price, stop loss, and profit targets. Why Quantum Physics matters for beyond-your-wildest-dreams profits. 




  • The vital success secret 99.9% of traders miss. Beware: skipping this practically ensures you’ll lose money on trades.
  • Why when you review your trades matters. Plus, the best time to analyze your trading performance.  
  • Beyond win/loss probability. The pre-planned action every trader must take if they don’t want to lose their shirt. 
  • How to validate your system so you see larger profits. Plus, the easiest tracking tool to use.  (Hint: you likely already have this at your fingertips!) 
  • Golf Pebble Beach or St. Andrews? The ROI of self-motivation, tangible rewards, and celebrating wins. 

Enroll in The Millionaire’s Plan today, and in addition to
4 weeks of my group coaching, you’ll also receive…


Access to a private members-only Discord Channel
$199 value

Text or voice chat with other Millionaire’s Plan members. Network with like-minded traders and investors who are continuously upping their game. Get feedback, new ideas, and inspiration from people who understand your goals and challenges.

An excerpt from my Wiley published book, The Trader’s Pendulum $39 value

Transform from a “Technical Junkie” into an Entrepreneurial Trader. Discover the essential questions you need to ask yourself, plus the habits you need to cultivate, to graduate from a hobbyist trader into a consummate professional.

Special Technical Analysis basics session
$299 value

Discover how to choose the right technical analysis tools. Learn the secret to choosing what  works best for you. Simplify the trading decision process and shorten your decision-making curve.

One 90 minute group check-in session
$299 value

Finalize your plan and take advantage of the chance to have me answer any of your lingering questions. Wrap up The Millionaire’s Plan coaching program with a bulletproof trading plan and a solid roadmap toward more wins, less losses, and lasting wealth.


Complimentary 30-Minute One-on-One Call

The first 20 people to enroll in The Millionaire’s Plan Group Coaching Program will receive a complimentary 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with me. This is an excellent opportunity to have me personally review your plan to ensure you’re on the right track and haven’t overlooked any important steps. 

Low Availability Warning: This bonus disappears after the first 20 coaching spots are taken so act now!

The Best Investment You Can Make is Investing in Yourself

Because this is my first roll-out of this group coaching program, I’m offering The Millionaire’s Plan at a fraction of what it will cost later on. Don’t miss your chance to enroll today for a significantly discounted rate. 

I charge $10,000 for my one-on-one coaching programs, but now – for a limited-time – you can get my personalized attention in a small, intimate group setting for only $997. We’re limiting this program to a group of 50 traders and investors who want to get better, more consistent results from their trading. Once those slots are filled, we’ll have to close enrollment. I don’t want you to miss out, so secure your spot today. 

I know there are other coaching programs out there, but most of them only offer one specific strategy. Or they limit their coaching to how you can control your emotions to protect your trades. 

Mine is the only course and coaching program that covers all the psychological pitfalls that make you freeze, panic, act compulsively and lose trades. PLUS, discover exactly, step-by-step, how to set up a plan that protects your time, money, and sanity – no matter which strategy you use or what market you trade in. 

In just 4 weeks, you’ll walk away with a personalized and detailed map to success, customized to perfectly fit your goals, schedule, experience, and market. You’ll be guided through every step you need to take in order to overcome common trading hurdles that steal your confidence, disrupt your discipline, and blow your portfolio. 

Not only will minimize your risk, you also drastically reduce the time it takes to see the types of returns you desire. By building your portfolio 2x, 3x, or even 5x faster, you’ll be able to do things like retire earlier, spoil your loved ones, and fund causes that matter to you.

Invest the time now to create your customized trading plan, and you’ll have a solid blueprint for the rest of your life. You only have to do this once, and you’re done. You may choose to make small tweaks or updates once a year, but that slight maintenance is all your millionaire’s plan will ever need. 


Enroll now, you’ll receive all of these game-changing tools

The Risk of Waiting: “I've Lost 10x the Money Your Program Cost”

Trading is a zero sum game. Everytime I show a trader how 2x, 5x, or even 10x their results, someone else loses money.

The question is, which of those two people do you want to be?

So many times in the past, I’ve had students pass on the program because they were too busy… too cocky… thought they were too new to trading… or just didn’t think they needed a plan.

A year later, they come back and report ”I’ve lost 10x the money your program cost.”
Don’t let that happen to you.
There’s little risk investing in a customized trading plan that works for you. But there’s so much to lose if you don’t. If you continue on without a trading plan you *might* have a streak of dumb luck that makes you some money…
But how long before your luck runs out?


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