With the debt ceiling deadline approaching and the unknown outcome of current negotiations, we are going to play it on the cautious side with our trading this week. We are going back to Trade Desk (TTD) for a short-term income play.

Please do not chase the trade by accepting less premium than the “go as low as” price recommended below. Work your limit order but exercise patience and let the trade come to you.

Current Stock Price: $68.91

Action: Sell to open TTD 2 June 65 put

Current Option Price: $0.54 to $0.58

Recommended Limit: Set your initial limit order at $0.56. You can go as low as $0.47, but please don’t start there and always use limit orders. We will target to exit this trade at $0.20.

Expiration: After the close on Friday, June 2, but most likely we will close this trade before this weekend.

Potential Rate of Return: 0.09% in 10 days if this option expires worthless

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