Even with the market turning down in the afternoon, some of our Perpetual Income stocks are trading higher. That could allow us to start selling more call positions early next week. In the meantime, we have two positions expiring today.

Gilead Sciences (GILD): 79.19

Gilead is trading higher today. We will let our call expire worthless and sell a new one early next week

ACTION: Allow GILD 19 May 84 call to expire.


ONEOK (OKE): 58.46

ONEOK acquired Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP) this week and, of course, the stock sold off. We will have a more detailed update next week as we dig through the impact of this acquisition.

For now, we will allow our call to expire worthless.

ACTION: Allow OKE 19 May 67.50 call to expire.


Have a good weekend.

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