Profit even when a stock moves against you…

Jon Lewis

There are many ways to profit when selling options.

I like to trade credit spreads so that even if the stock can stays flat or move against you, you still profit from the trade.

Watch this Trade Scan video below.  See how we made money on Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) with a bear call spread that moved against us but we still closed the trade for MAX profit.

Or EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG) call spread where we captured a 20% max profit in just 29 days even though the stock didn’t move at all.

I just finished a live training session where I taught traders how they can profit from high-priced FAANG stocks without OWNING the stock.  Hurry and watch the replay. I can show you how to risk as little as $400 to generate a 20% return on AMZN, NFLX or GOOGL trading options.
Watch the Training Replay here.

About The Author

Meet Jon Lewis. Jon has over 25 years of real experience, teaching AND trading. Jon will help you learn to use options profitably and safely in portfolios of any size.

His advantage, and now yours, is using simple, overlooked spread options strategies which generate consistent income without significant risk.