March 30, 2022

Small Cap Stock of 2022

Small Cap Stock of 2022: A10 Networks (ATEN)

This is a stock we recommended in June 2021 when the price was $10.95 and currently holds a 27.2% gain. I’m reiterating this as a buy and hold stock for 2022.

While the stock is well off its 52-week high, it has been driven down with tech stocks in general. 

ATEN earnings increased substantially during the pandemic (2020-21) and are expected to rise in 2022.

It pays a small dividend (1.44%) and has monthly options available (low liquidity, however).

It’s also trading at a current P/E of just 12 whereas the overall market P/E runs closer to 19. That tells me this is an undervalued stock, especially given the double-digit growth rate over the next five years (20%).Short-term, I’d recommend an entry point above the 200 Day SMA ($13.84).


That’s our Filthy Rich, Dirt Poor small cap recommendation for this month.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

John Hutchinson
Traders Reserve

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