February 15, 2022

Stock Futures Are Soaring… Here’s What We Know.

Futures are soaring.


The Dow is up about 424 points.  The S&P 500 is up 68, as the NASDAQ jumps about 300 points.  


All on news Russia withdrew some troops from the Ukraine border after the press said an attack was imminent. In fact, “major news outlets like the Sun reported that the invasion was set for tomorrow, with a ‘massive missile blitz’ planned, along with 200,000 troops at the ready,” reported Zero Hedge.


However, don’t let your guard down yet.  Keep your portfolios protected.


To be honest, no one is quite sure what could happen next.  


While Russia has said it’s pulling back troops, the Daily Mail says NATO’s Jens Stoltenburg “warned that Putin still maintains a large military presence near Ukraine, has the ability to attack at short notice, and that there has been no evidence yet of a drawn-down of forces – despite Moscow claiming some units are leaving after training exercises.”


As we wait to see what happens next, let’s just enjoy the rally, and the drop in oil prices.




The Dow is up 424 points to 34,872

The S&P 500 is up 68 points to 4,462

The NASDAQ is up 300 points to 14,544

Gold prices are down $23.80 to $1,847.50

Bitcoin is up about 4.2% to $44,282.74

Oil prices are down $2.80 to $92.70

The VIX is down by 1.46 to 25.90

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