Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CF, WMB

The Fed raised interest rates this week by .25 points and the market likes it. Whether this is the beginning of a 2023 bull market or the calm before a bear market trap, we can take advantage of this current upward trend to sell covered calls.   COVERED CALL   Blackstone (BX): 101.31   We […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CAH, CF, IBM, RIO

The reaction by the market to this week’s events was expected and unexpected. The CPI report came in looking better and market traded higher. The Fed raised rates by 0.50 as expected and the market sold-off. And today is the “Triple Witching” day each quarter and the market is down again.   We have few […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, BX, VALE

We have 3 more positions with 11/25 expirations that we will need to manage today ahead of the short market day on Friday. There will be no more alerts this week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie (ABBV):  159.18   AbbVie is another stock benefiting from a rising market. Humira going […]

Triple Play Income Alert: Roll BX, CF

Here are our last two positions to manage this week.   TRADE ROLL   Blackstone (BX):  107.60   Blackstone stock price jumped 20% the last 2 days! A 10% move wouldn’t have been a surprise but the reaction in the market to the CPI numbers and inflation has been powerful … and unexpected.   Of […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, DOW, WMB, VALE

Ok. Let’s get back into managing several of our positions today as well as adding a new covered call to Blackstone (BX).   COVERED CALL   Blackstone (BX):  92.76   Blackstone stock has traded higher after an earnings report that beat consensus estimates but was well down from a year ago. The company continues to […]

Triple Play Income Update

Wow. We should be getting used to this but it’s never fun to end the week with successive days of stocks selling off. There really has been nowhere to hide in this market … stocks across the board are down including our dividend players.    Best thing to do now is have patience. At some […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CF, CWH, GILD

We have several positions to review and manage today with 9 Sep expirations.   TRADE ROLL   Blackstone (BX):  96.53   Our 9 Sep 107 call will expire worthless tomorrow. Let’s roll it out another 2 weeks    ACTION:  Roll the BX 9 Sep 107 call to the 23 Sep 105 call for a net […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: BX, CAH, IBM

We have several Triple Play Income positions we can manage today.   TRADE ROLL   Blackstone (BX): 102.07   Blackstone stock price got a real boost out of the August CPI numbers trading up to the 110 range and has retraced back down to the low one hundreds. This gives us a chance to roll […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: BX, CF

The CPI numbers came out today with a slightly lower-than-expected inflation print and the market is off and running. We will need to manage a few of our positions this morning since we don’t know if this run will continue or we get a retracement before the end of the week.   TRADE ROLL   […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: BX

Second straight drop in GDP released today … the technical definition of recession. Stocks opened flat, traded lower and are now trading higher. Market may have settled for a while. Let’s sell a covered call on Blackstone. Covered Call   Blackstone (BX):  100.83   Blackstone stock price is trading higher after the recent financial events […]