Perpetual Income Trade Alert: CF

We enter the month of June with the CBOE Market Volatility Index (VIX) reaching a three-year low of less than 16 today. Now that the debt ceiling crisis appears to be resolved, fear is leaking out of the market. And so is the volatility in the option chains of a number of our Perpetual Income […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: BX, CF, SO, WMB

After a mostly down week on bank fears, recession talk, the Federal Reserve’s rate hike and debt ceiling debate, the market is rallying following a better-than-expected jobs report for April. We have four positions expiring today, only one of which requires action. However, next week should be a busy one with the chance to roll […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: CF, DOW

We have two call options expiring this week that we are going to roll today.   ROLLCF Industries (CF): 74.55 CF Industries has bounced off its 67 low and is trading in the 72-to-75 range. With earnings scheduled for May 1, premiums are elevated. We can roll our call out two weeks and down a […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CF, KHC

We have several uncovered stock positions in the portfolio. With the recent market gains, we can sell some covered calls today. COVERED CALLBlackstone (BX): 84.14 Blackstone is tricky. We’ve always liked the company for its strong management team, best-practices approach to acquisitions and investments in new markets, and its unique position outside of the traditional […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, GILD, VALE

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, GILD, VALE This market is not giving us anything to trade or manage as we head into the end of the week. We have several positions with options expiring and a stock we want to take assignment of. The best thing we can do right now is be patient and […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, CWH

Rough start to this short trading week but we have a couple of stocks that are up today and give us a chance to roll calls.   TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF): 85.66   CF Industries is trading higher this morning. Let’s take advantage of the up day to roll our call out.   […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, PM, VALE

Thank you to those who were able to attend our Triple Play Income 2022 Review-2023 Preview session yesterday. There were several good ideas for further enhancing the returns in our program that came out of yesterday’s session. The recording of the review session is now posted on the member website.   Here are the final […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CF, WMB

The Fed raised interest rates this week by .25 points and the market likes it. Whether this is the beginning of a 2023 bull market or the calm before a bear market trap, we can take advantage of this current upward trend to sell covered calls.   COVERED CALL   Blackstone (BX): 101.31   We […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CAH, CF, CWH

We are into earnings season with several of our Triple Play Income stocks due to report over the next couple of weeks. This will give us elevated premiums and opportunities to collect more cash ahead of those announcement dates. We will manage a few of those positions today trading ahead or after their reporting.   […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, CF, KHC

We have several positions in our Triple Play Income portfolio that are uncovered and one that we were called out over the weekend. Let’s add to those positions with covered calls and selling a put on one of the stocks that was called away.   SELL CALL Camping World Holdings (CWH):  25.15   We left […]

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