Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CF, WMB

The Fed raised interest rates this week by .25 points and the market likes it. Whether this is the beginning of a 2023 bull market or the calm before a bear market trap, we can take advantage of this current upward trend to sell covered calls.   COVERED CALL   Blackstone (BX): 101.31   We […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CAH, CF, CWH

We are into earnings season with several of our Triple Play Income stocks due to report over the next couple of weeks. This will give us elevated premiums and opportunities to collect more cash ahead of those announcement dates. We will manage a few of those positions today trading ahead or after their reporting.   […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, CF, KHC

We have several positions in our Triple Play Income portfolio that are uncovered and one that we were called out over the weekend. Let’s add to those positions with covered calls and selling a put on one of the stocks that was called away.   SELL CALL Camping World Holdings (CWH):  25.15   We left […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CAH, CF, DOW

This is Santa Claus Rally Week (first 5 trading days after Christmas and the first 2 days after New Year’s Day) and so far, it has been an up-and-down market. With stocks trading higher today, maybe the rally will hold into the next week.   We have several positions to manage today. Here is the […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CAH, CF, IBM, RIO

The reaction by the market to this week’s events was expected and unexpected. The CPI report came in looking better and market traded higher. The Fed raised rates by 0.50 as expected and the market sold-off. And today is the “Triple Witching” day each quarter and the market is down again.   We have few […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, CF, VALE

We have 3 last positions that we need to manage before the weekend.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie Inc. (ABBV):  164.84   AbbVie stock price has traded higher since early November on no real news and even against the anticipated fear of Humira coming off patent in January. The stock has reached a resistance level […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, IBM, WMB

TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  104.38   Another week where CF stock has traded up and down despite a steady drop in IV Percentile to below 40. Let’s play it cautious here. We will roll our put out one week and up one strike.   ACTION:  Roll the CF 2 Dec 99 put to […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, IBM, KHC, OKE

TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  101.44   CF Industries stock continues to give us an up-and-down ride. The short-term momentum may be slowing so let’s roll our put out two weeks and roll it down 2 strikes and still collect a rich credit.   ACTION:  Roll CF 18 Nov 101 put to the 2 […]

Triple Play Income Alert: Roll BX, CF

Here are our last two positions to manage this week.   TRADE ROLL   Blackstone (BX):  107.60   Blackstone stock price jumped 20% the last 2 days! A 10% move wouldn’t have been a surprise but the reaction in the market to the CPI numbers and inflation has been powerful … and unexpected.   Of […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, IBM, CAH, GILD

The Fed raised rates, stocks sold off and then bounced back and are flat here at the end of the week. We will take this chance to re-enter two of our stronger healthcare positions selling puts and let one of our positions be called away.   CF Industries (CF):  105.54   This shows you the […]