Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, PM

TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  101.60   No let up in the fertilizer shortage and skyrocketing prices from the recent economic and world events. Some experts are even predicting another 18 months to 2 years of over-demand for fertilizer prices.   That has been good for our position in CF Industries were the stock […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: ABBV, CF, SO

Here are several more trade adjustments for our Triple Play Income portfolio.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie Inc. (ABBV):  152.88   AbbVie stock price has found a footing here in the 152 range. We feel comfortable enough to sell a covered call below our entry price and manage it tightly.   ACTION:  Roll ABBV 13 […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: BX, CF, CAH

Market volatility continues to dominate trading in the stock market. The VIX, that tracks volatility in the S&P market, is back up in the 32 range. That’s good for us as options sellers … it means we can collect more premium on most of our stocks. But it also means that individual stock prices can […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, OKE

Two positions we can manage today ahead of expiration tomorrow.     TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  95.83   CF Industries just announced a 33.3% dividend increase from 0.30 to 0.40 and the company reports earnings on Wednesday (5/4).    As in the past with CF Industries, we can collect far more income rolling […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, DOW, GILD

We have several positions that we should manage today.   TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  100.48   There’s lots of noise around CF Industries and other fertilizer stocks … supply chain issues, railroad resistance to shipping fertilizer, and analyst downgrades. Commodity stocks have been hit and it is impacting CF stock price.    CF […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, OKE

TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  108.48   If you’ve been trading CF Industries (CF) as we have in the Triple Play Income portfolio, it was no surprise when the inflation numbers came out this morning at a stunning 8.5%.   We’ve traded CF in our portfolio since last June and continue to see this […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: ABBV, BX, CF

Three more positions to manage today. AbbVie (ABBV):  164.10 AbbVie continues to be one of our top performing stocks, hitting a 52-week high price this week. While much of the biotech market has sold off since December, ABBV keeps chugging along higher and higher. You can see from the chart below the ABBV’s divergence from […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, RIO

The DOW and most of the market is down today but our natural resource stocks are running. We can trade two of our positions today.     CF Industries (CF):  99.50   Our natural resource/inflation beneficiary stocks have been whipsawed like crazy over the last two weeks due to the news coming out of Ukraine. […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, KHC, PM

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: BX, VALE Dear Triple Play Income Member, Several more positions we need to manage before expiration tomorrow.   CF Industries (CF): 87.03 CF Industries stock is trading near its 52-week high and it’s not surprising. Disruptions in the worldwide fertilizer trade due to a number of factors have prices at all-time highs and […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: ABBV, BX, CF, DOW

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: ABBV, BX, CF, DOW Dear Triple Play Income Member, All of our Triple Play Income stocks are selling off with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and worldwide concern. There are a couple of actions we can take today to collect more cash before the weekend.   AbbVie Inc. (ABBV): 144.44 AbbVie stock is getting […]