Triple Play Income Alert: CAH, CF, CWH

We are into earnings season with several of our Triple Play Income stocks due to report over the next couple of weeks. This will give us elevated premiums and opportunities to collect more cash ahead of those announcement dates. We will manage a few of those positions today trading ahead or after their reporting.   […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, CF, KHC

We have several positions in our Triple Play Income portfolio that are uncovered and one that we were called out over the weekend. Let’s add to those positions with covered calls and selling a put on one of the stocks that was called away.   SELL CALL Camping World Holdings (CWH):  25.15   We left […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, GILD

A quick update on two of our Triple Play Income positions.   Camping World Holdings (CWH):  23.84   Camping World stock price hasn’t had the best year but sales of their RV product line are up in 2022 as people coming out of covid are finding the RV live style … both to travel and/or […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, DOW, KHC

  This is the first of several different alerts over the next 24 hours to manage our 25 Nov positions before the Thanksgiving holiday.   TRADE ROLL   Camping World Holdings (CWH):  27.45   Camping World stock price is bouncing back. Looking ahead into December, the stock goes ex-dividend on 12/13. CWH has been a […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, KHC, PM, WMB

With the Fed rate hike as expected and the market trading lower, we have a number of positions to manage and a few that we will give another day before we act. Let’s go ahead and manage 4 of our Friday expirations that we want to roll today.   TRADE ROLL   Camping World Holdings […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, PM, RIO

Here are the remaining Triple Play Income positions we can manage today:   TRADE ROLL   Camping World (CWH):  25.61   Let’s roll our CHW call out 2 weeks strike to strike.   ACTION: Roll the CWH 21 Oct 29 call to the CWH 4 Nov 29 call for a net credit of around 0.35 […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, KHC

After the beating it took last week, the stock market is up big today which give us a chance to manage a couple of our positions by selling covered calls on two uncovered stocks. If we get another strong day in the market tomorrow, expect us to begin covering more of our open positions this […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, WMB

With the market up a fourth straight day we can sell covered calls on two of our uncovered positions today.   COVERED CALL   Camping World Holdings (CWH): 31.88   Camping World goes ex-dividend tomorrow for 0.625. We acquired the stock at $32 and we can sell a covered call today at 33 for a […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, CF, CWH, VALE

The market is up again today giving us a chance to roll our calls and puts on the remaining positions expiring today. Let’s go ahead and manage these positions and enjoy the weekend.   TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  103.97   CF stock price was up yesterday, declined in overnight trading and is climbing […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CF, CWH, GILD

We have several positions to review and manage today with 9 Sep expirations.   TRADE ROLL   Blackstone (BX):  96.53   Our 9 Sep 107 call will expire worthless tomorrow. Let’s roll it out another 2 weeks    ACTION:  Roll the BX 9 Sep 107 call to the 23 Sep 105 call for a net […]