Perpetual Income Trade Alert: NTAP, WMB

The market is running higher today due to the passage of debt ceiling legislation, a better-than-expected May jobs report and some expectation that the Federal Reserve will not raise the prime rate following its June 13-14 meeting. Some of our Perpetual Income stocks took hits over the past few weeks as the market wrestled with […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: KHC, NTAP

With the market up today, we have several positions we can manage.   ROLLKraft Heinz (KHC): 38.85 Kraft goes ex-dividend on Monday, June 5, so we can only roll our call out one week in case the stock starts to run. Let’s roll our call out one week to the at-the-money strike for a solid […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: NTAP, CWH, WMB

We have one more position expiring today, as well as the opportunity to sell covered calls on two of our other holdings.   NetApp (NTAP): 62.59 NetApp has been bouncing up and down… and for a reason. On April 10, the company received an upgrade from analyst Stifel for “potential positive catalysts,” and the stock […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: CAH, NTAP

Editor’s Note: Welcome again Perpetual Income (our new name replacing Triple Play Income). We will hold another live online Quarterly Review Session on Wednesday, April 26, at 2 p.m. Eastern. Register to attend the review session here. We will record the webinar and post it to the member website for those who cannot attend the […]

Triple Play Alert: CAH, NTAP, PM

We have three positions expiring tomorrow. Two of them are too far in the money to roll and we will be called out of the stock. The other position we can roll today for a credit while picking up another $1 in potential appreciation.   Cardinal Health (CAH): 81.12 Cardinal Health has been on a […]

Triple Play Income Alert: NTAP

NetApp (NTAP): 63.25; 3.13% Yield We started this position nearly two weeks ago selling a put on NTAP. Here is the follow-up review of the stock and ongoing trade position. Note: We are buying the stock today before the April 5 ex-dividend date. The Company NetApp provides cloud-led and data services to manage and share […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CAH, NTAP, VALE

The stock market continues to climb as investors digest inflation news. But it is worth noting that eight stocks are keeping the S&P 500 in positive territory for the year while the other 492 are not. The FAANG plus MNT stocks (see chart below) are doing the heavy lifting. While we’re not sure exactly what […]

Triple Play Income Alert: NTAP

With the Federal Reserve rate hike out of the way, we can begin to manage our open positions. For the first time in the history of Triple Play Income, we own a record 12 stocks without a covered call. A lot of that came about since the banking crisis unfolded on March 9, when the […]

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