Perpetual Income Trade Alert: GILD, OKE

Even with the market turning down in the afternoon, some of our Perpetual Income stocks are trading higher. That could allow us to start selling more call positions early next week. In the meantime, we have two positions expiring today. Gilead Sciences (GILD): 79.19 Gilead is trading higher today. We will let our call expire […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: IBM, OKE

We have one more position to manage before the weekend and another that is on track to expire worthless. IBM (IBM): 125.53 Our IBM 21 Apr 136 call is on track to expire worthless. We will sell another call after the stock trades higher for at least three successive days. ACTION: Let IBM 21 Apr […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: ABBV, BX, OKE

We have several positions with call options expiring tomorrow that we can manage today. TRADE ROLLAbbVie (ABBV): 155.64 So far in 2023, AbbVie stock has held its own, down less than 3%, in the face of an expected sell-off after its blockbuster autoimmune treatment Humira went generic at the beginning of the year. The company […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, BX, CWH, DOW, OKE, RIO

It was another wild week of intraday swings in the market. Up 1% and then down 2% and then back up 1%. A lot of active trading in big lots by institutional and high-frequency traders trading highly volatile indexes and ETFs with same-day expirations (0DTE). Most of our positions held up through the chaos, though, […]

Triple Play Income Alert: GILD, OKE

TRADE ROLL   Gilead Sciences (GILD):  83.35   Gilead Sciences reports earnings next Thursday (2/2). Not much news or excitement about the coming report so it could mean that earnings or revenue could be off. However, Gilead missed on earnings last quarter and the stock price traded higher.    Our 27 Jan 85 put is […]

Triple Play Income Alert: KHC, OKE, RIO

After the three straight days of the market closing lower, we got a lift today with the broad market trading higher. This is going to be the day of assignments … where we are going to have to let stocks be called away or take assignment of stock shares.   Kraft Heinz (KHC):  39.87   […]

Triple Play Income Alert: DOW, KHC, OKE

Fed and CPI news event weeks can be difficult for communicating trading decisions … usually volatile actions that can send the market higher or lower quickly. This week is no exception as stocks fall again on future Fed rate hike worries.   With the market down, we can roll several of our call positions today […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, IBM, KHC, OKE

TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  101.44   CF Industries stock continues to give us an up-and-down ride. The short-term momentum may be slowing so let’s roll our put out two weeks and roll it down 2 strikes and still collect a rich credit.   ACTION:  Roll CF 18 Nov 101 put to the 2 […]

Triple Play Income Alert: IBM, KHC, OKE

We have a number of Triple Play Income positions with calls expiring today. We will break this into two alerts and get most of our positions rolled today.   TRADE ROLL   IBM (IBM):  129.58   IBM had a good Q3 earnings report earlier this week. They beat EPS estimates by a penny but revenue […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CAH, OKE

We have two more positions with expirations this Friday we can manage today.   TRADE ROLL   Cardinal Health (CAH): 66.72   Cardinal Health stock has been trading on a nice upward trajectory based on its strong business model and the settling some of its legal issues from 2021. Even with the market sell-off on […]

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