Perpetual Income Trade Alert: PM, VALE

We have two more positions expiring today, and both are out of the money. Since we are unable to roll them for a reasonable credit, we will simply let them expire worthless and watch for the underlying stocks to trade higher next week before we sell additional covered calls.   Philip Morris (PM): 94.55 ACTION: […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: CAH, PM

Editor’s note: We are holding our Q1 Perpetual Income Review Session tomorrow, April 26, at 2 p.m. Eastern. We’ll look at our first-quarter results, review key positions, discuss a few additions we will be making to the service and, of course, take your questions. Please join us. Register to attend the session here.   With […]

Triple Play Alert: CAH, NTAP, PM

We have three positions expiring tomorrow. Two of them are too far in the money to roll and we will be called out of the stock. The other position we can roll today for a credit while picking up another $1 in potential appreciation.   Cardinal Health (CAH): 81.12 Cardinal Health has been on a […]

Triple Play Income Alert: PM

We have an opportunity after an analyst upgrade to sell a call on Philip Morris (PM). COVERED CALLPhilip Morris (PM): 96.89 PM got a nice upgrade from JPMorgan and the stock is trading higher. Let’s take the opportunity to sell a covered call. ACTION: Sell to open PM 14 Apr 98 call for a net […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, DOW, PM

The bank failures’ impact on the market is hitting value dividend stocks as well this week. While some of our stocks have fared OK, most of them are down again today with the broader market sell-off. We don’t have any positions to manage, but we do have two open call positions expiring and one assignment […]

Triple Play Income Alert: GILD, IBM, PM

Another rough ending to the stock market in this shortened trading week. We have two put positions to manage today.   TRADE ROLL   Gilead Sciences (GILD):  81.73   Frustrating finish to the week for Gilead Sciences. The stock looked like it was building support at the market close yesterday but is getting hit today […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CF, PM, VALE

Thank you to those who were able to attend our Triple Play Income 2022 Review-2023 Preview session yesterday. There were several good ideas for further enhancing the returns in our program that came out of yesterday’s session. The recording of the review session is now posted on the member website.   Here are the final […]

Triple Play Income Alert: PM, RIO

As earnings reports continue to roll on, we have several new positions to re-enter this week. Let’s get started with two put options.   SELL PUT   Philip Morris (PM):  103.36   Philip Morris stock price has traded in the $95 to $105 range for the last year but could be aided now by a […]

Triple Play Income Alert: GILD, PM

Welcome to 2023!   We come in the new year the same we went out: ·      The S&P trading lower ·      The NASDAQ trading lower ·      The Russell 2000 (small cap stocks) trading higher ·      Treasury bonds slightly higher   Again, a market with wide swings in trading and volatility that challenged investors and traders […]

Triple Play Income Alert: IBM, PM

Here is an update on two of our positions with no action to take this week.   IBM (IBM): 148.56   IBM stock price has gone straight up ever since they beat earnings on 10/19. We were called out of the stock last week at a nice profit and it’s time to get back in […]

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