Triple Play Income Alert: PM, RIO

As earnings reports continue to roll on, we have several new positions to re-enter this week. Let’s get started with two put options.   SELL PUT   Philip Morris (PM):  103.36   Philip Morris stock price has traded in the $95 to $105 range for the last year but could be aided now by a […]

Triple Play Income Alert: KHC, OKE, RIO

After the three straight days of the market closing lower, we got a lift today with the broad market trading higher. This is going to be the day of assignments … where we are going to have to let stocks be called away or take assignment of stock shares.   Kraft Heinz (KHC):  39.87   […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CAH, CF, IBM, RIO

The reaction by the market to this week’s events was expected and unexpected. The CPI report came in looking better and market traded higher. The Fed raised rates by 0.50 as expected and the market sold-off. And today is the “Triple Witching” day each quarter and the market is down again.   We have few […]

Triple Play Income Alert: Roll RIO, WMB

TRADE ROLL   Rio Tinto (RIO):  64.13   We have a 17 Nov 60 call expiring tomorrow that we will need to roll. The RIO stock price is down about 2.5% today giving us a chance to roll out our calls another month.   ACTION:  Roll RIO 17 Nov 60 call to the Rio 16 […]

Triple Play Income Alert: CWH, PM, RIO

Here are the remaining Triple Play Income positions we can manage today:   TRADE ROLL   Camping World (CWH):  25.61   Let’s roll our CHW call out 2 weeks strike to strike.   ACTION: Roll the CWH 21 Oct 29 call to the CWH 4 Nov 29 call for a net credit of around 0.35 […]

Triple Play Income Alert: DOW, RIO

We have two positions with Friday expirations that we can roll early this week.   TRADE ROLL   Dow Inc. (DOW):  46.95   Dow was our best performing Triple Play Income position in 2021 returning 62% including dividends, premium collected, and appreciation. This year the company is lagging as revenues are off in a number […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: DOW, RIO

Well, it’s been an interesting two days in the market. The Jackson Hole sell-off on Friday and the drop today on fear of certain rate hikes that may slow the economy. The market is bouncing back a bit so we can manage two of our positions today.   Buy/Write   Dow Inc.  (DOW):  53.47   […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: BGS, RIO

Markets continue to sell off again today after a brief rally post the Fed rate hike announcement yesterday. At this time, we are only managing positions where we can make the necessary roll or adjustment until this market settles more (IBM and CF earlier this week).    Most of our Triple Play Income positions are […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: RIO, VALE

Two of our inflation beneficiary stocks are uncovered and have now put in several days in a row of positive price gains. We can sell calls on these positions today.   OPEN NEW CALL   Rio Tinto Group (RIO):  70.20   We have around $10 of cash (1 contract) in RIO since the beginning of […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CF, RIO

The DOW and most of the market is down today but our natural resource stocks are running. We can trade two of our positions today.     CF Industries (CF):  99.50   Our natural resource/inflation beneficiary stocks have been whipsawed like crazy over the last two weeks due to the news coming out of Ukraine. […]