Triple Play Income Alert: CAH, IBM, VALE

We have several more positions to manage before the weekend.    TRADE ROLL   Cardinal Health (CAH):  78.73   It was a banner week for Cardinal Health.    Cardinal Health received several analyst upgrades over this past week and then yesterday reported better-than-expected second quarter earnings and raised 2023 guidance … all good signs. Cardinal […]

Triple Play Income Alert: DOW, VALE

We were called out of DOW and VALE stock positions over this past weekend. Let’s get back into those positions selling puts.   SELL PUT   Dow Inc. (DOW):  57.62   Dow recently picked up several analyst upgrades and the stock price has recovered since its October lows trading higher this week. With China re-opening […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, VALE, WMB

We have 3 positions with calls expiring this Friday (23 Dec) that we can roll today ahead of the holidays.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie (ABBV):  161.72   AbbVie stock price has retreated recently and goes ex-dividend on 1/12 paying 1.46 per share … we don’t want to miss that.    But we are going […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, CF, VALE

We have 3 last positions that we need to manage before the weekend.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie Inc. (ABBV):  164.84   AbbVie stock price has traded higher since early November on no real news and even against the anticipated fear of Humira coming off patent in January. The stock has reached a resistance level […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, BX, VALE

We have 3 more positions with 11/25 expirations that we will need to manage today ahead of the short market day on Friday. There will be no more alerts this week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie (ABBV):  159.18   AbbVie is another stock benefiting from a rising market. Humira going […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, DOW, WMB, VALE

Ok. Let’s get back into managing several of our positions today as well as adding a new covered call to Blackstone (BX).   COVERED CALL   Blackstone (BX):  92.76   Blackstone stock has traded higher after an earnings report that beat consensus estimates but was well down from a year ago. The company continues to […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, CAH, GILD, VALE

This market has been relentless the last few weeks selling off across most sectors … on almost very little news. Starting this week, we are likely to get real news … the latest CPI number coming up later this Thursday and another Fed meeting and expected rate hike next week. Either one could send the […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, CF, IBM, VALE

The Fed spoke. They want to beat down inflation with increasing rate hikes and hope for a soft landing into a minor recession. Ok. Who knows if we get that but stocks continue to pay the price with another down day on Wall Street.   We have a few positions that are trading against the […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, CF, CWH, VALE

The market is up again today giving us a chance to roll our calls and puts on the remaining positions expiring today. Let’s go ahead and manage these positions and enjoy the weekend.   TRADE ROLL   CF Industries (CF):  103.97   CF stock price was up yesterday, declined in overnight trading and is climbing […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CAH, DOW, GILD, VALE

We still have several positions where stock prices are trading above our covered call strikes. Let’s review and manage several of those positions.   Cardinal Health (CAH): 68.85   Cardinal Health is delivering stronger EPS performance and the stock price in the last 20 days has traded higher. We entered the stock at 61.58 and […]