Perpetual Income Trade Alert: NTAP, WMB

The market is running higher today due to the passage of debt ceiling legislation, a better-than-expected May jobs report and some expectation that the Federal Reserve will not raise the prime rate following its June 13-14 meeting. Some of our Perpetual Income stocks took hits over the past few weeks as the market wrestled with […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: CWH, DOW, WMB

The stock market has been trading in a flat range for the past month and a half. Anticipation is building that something is going to change the direction up or down… another Fed rate hike… more bank failures… a U.S. debt default… a recession. That fear of the next big event isn’t really showing up […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: BX, CF, SO, WMB

After a mostly down week on bank fears, recession talk, the Federal Reserve’s rate hike and debt ceiling debate, the market is rallying following a better-than-expected jobs report for April. We have four positions expiring today, only one of which requires action. However, next week should be a busy one with the chance to roll […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: NTAP, CWH, WMB

We have one more position expiring today, as well as the opportunity to sell covered calls on two of our other holdings.   NetApp (NTAP): 62.59 NetApp has been bouncing up and down… and for a reason. On April 10, the company received an upgrade from analyst Stifel for “potential positive catalysts,” and the stock […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BGS, CAH, KHC, WMB

We were able to spend a few days this week with customers at our annual Investor’s Blueprint Live event held in Las Vegas. It was a good chance to catch up with longtime members, share investment ideas and education, and meet new friends during the three-day conference. We introduced our name change from Triple Play […]

Triple Play Income Alert: KCH, WMB

We have several call and put positions in our portfolio that need to be rolled this week. There was a fair amount of theta decay left in those positions, so we held off until today. However, with the market trading lower the past two days, we may need to sit on a couple of these […]

Triple Play Income Alert: BX, CF, WMB

The Fed raised interest rates this week by .25 points and the market likes it. Whether this is the beginning of a 2023 bull market or the calm before a bear market trap, we can take advantage of this current upward trend to sell covered calls.   COVERED CALL   Blackstone (BX): 101.31   We […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, CAH, KHC, WMB

Welcome to 2023!   We come in the new year the same we went out: ·      The S&P trading lower ·      The NASDAQ trading lower ·      The Russell 2000 (small cap stocks) trading higher ·      Treasury bonds slightly higher   Again, a market with wide swings in trading and volatility that challenged investors and traders […]

Triple Play Income Alert: ABBV, VALE, WMB

We have 3 positions with calls expiring this Friday (23 Dec) that we can roll today ahead of the holidays.   TRADE ROLL   AbbVie (ABBV):  161.72   AbbVie stock price has retreated recently and goes ex-dividend on 1/12 paying 1.46 per share … we don’t want to miss that.    But we are going […]

Triple Play Income Alert: WMB Call

One more Triple Play Income position to manage today.   COVERED CALL   Williams Companies (WMB):  33.58   Williams goes ex-dividend tomorrow paying us a 0.425 dividend in several weeks. The stock will trade lower tomorrow because of the ex-dividend. At the current price we can sell a 34 call two weeks out and at […]

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