The Credit Spread Advantage

Jon Lewis


If you are an options trader, selling credit spreads gives you a BIG advantage over option buyers when it comes to closing out profitable trades.

With credit spreads you playing defense…and still profit from most of your trades. We don’t care if the stock goes up, stays flat or even goes down a bit … we still collect RICH cash premiums.

Watch this short video to discover the credit spread advantage and start putting the odds in your favor to win 75% to 80% of your option trades.

I just finished a live training session where I taught traders how they can profit from high-priced FAANG stocks without OWNING the stock, you’ll want to hurry and watch the replay. I can show you how to risk as little as $400 to generate a 20% return on AMZN, NFLX or GOOGL trading options.
Watch the Training Replay here.

About The Author

Meet Jon Lewis, With over 20 years of real experience, teaching AND trading, Jon will help you learn to use options profitably and safely in portfolios of any size.

His advantage, and now yours, is using simple, often overlooked spread options strategies which generate consistent income without significant risk.