Three Safe Investing Opportunities as Oil Gushes to $106

Ian Cooper
Ian Cooper
Cooper was among the few analysts to spot the financial crisis of 2008, the top of subprime and Alt-A, the death of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and New Century Financial, and even the Dow’s collapse to 6,500, as well as its recovery. He even called for gold to rally well above $1.500 when it traded under $600.
Oil prices

Crises create opportunity.

Look at oil prices for example.  

This morning, crude was up more than $10 a barrel above $106.  All with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine showing no signs of cooling off.  

At the moment, the crisis is leading to three big opportunities.

Opportunity No. 1 – Dividend-Paying Oil Stocks

The first can be found with dividend-paying oil companies, which are gushing higher, along with oil prices.  Exxon Mobil for example ran from about $60 to $79.50 since January 1.  

Chevron ran from $115 to $149.

Opportunity No. 2 – U.S. Shale Production Companies

The second opportunity can be found with U.S. shale production companies.  

In fact, according to Bloomberg, surging oil prices are “driving renewed interest in fuel trapped in underground rocks known as shale. Fracking shale has made the U.S. the world’s biggest producer of oil and gas, giving America the energy independence, its leaders have sought for decades and upending the geopolitics of the world energy trade.”

Exxon Mobil and Chevron for example plan to increase their Permian basin production by 25% and 10%, respectively, added Bloomberg.  Even Pioneer Natural Resources, Devon Energy, Northern Oil and Gas, Continental Resources, and Marathon are attractive these days.

Opportunity No. 3 – Green Energy Companies

With the Russia-Ukraine issue deteriorating, solar stocks are on fire.

In fact, earlier this week:

  • First Solar (FSLR) jumped $4.61 a share
  • Canadian Solar (CSIQ) was up by $1.82
  • Sunrun (RUN) was up $2.64
  • Enphase Energy (ENPH) soared nearly $13 a share
  • SolarEdge (SEDG) exploded nearly $41.50 a share

All because Russia has exposed our need for energy independence, pushing green energy into the spotlight as a potential solution.  That’s why related stocks are soaring.  According to the Los Angeles Times, “The war in Europe adds to the urgency of transitioning to clean energy sources such as solar and wind power that are harder for bad actors such as Russia to disrupt.”

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