Income Playbook

Did you know there are four key types of investments used by the wealthiest investors? We reveal how and why these investments are used, how they create more wealth than ‘typical’ investment plans and how you can get them into your portfolio immediately.

The Metaverse

Internet 3.0 is coming – you may be surprised to learn that the money is in the infrastructure of the Metaverse, not consumer stocks. Discover the 5 core components to the Metaverse and the types of stocks you’ll want in your portfolio to enjoy massive growth potential.

Triple Play Income

There’s a simple strategy that we’ve uncovered that can triple your income from dividend-paying stocks in just 15 minutes per week, no matter how much experience or capital you have.  In this training, we walk you through the how-tos of this strategy.

Small Account Options

Want to trade options, but don’t have enough capital? Learn a simple strategy to start with as little as $5,000, and get results that could double your account in just 90 days. The only options strategy designed specifically for people with small trading accounts.

10 Day Trade

This is a simple, yet unique approach to selling options that can pay you 2% cash income in just 10 days (and every 10 days thereafter). It’s a quick and easy way to increase income on a regular basis. Complete trade setup, trading system and trade execution included.

$5K Challenge

Is it possible to use a simple yet aggressive options strategy that can pay $5,000 per week in cash income.  We set out to prove whether it could be done. In this short training.

Credit Spread Masters

The number one reason traders use spreads is to reduce the capital needed to place an options trade. Learn a smart approach to using Credit Spreads in this multi-part training course. You’ll discover the positives, the “unpositives” and a trading and capital allocation approach to help you increase your potential for profits.

Millionaires Trading Plan

The Millionaire’s Plan is your complete blueprint for building an unshakeable trading plan. It is system agnostic and it uses Jody Sameuls’ “5 Ps” method, covering every major pillar that secures successful trading.

Using Spreads As Weekly Income

Want to get income from options and limit your capital risk? You’ll learn how to leverage unique options tactics that collect income and protect your money.  We shared an options trading approach used for over 6 years that collects income on demand, often in just 1 trading day.

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