With the market up again today, let’s roll two more of our positions out and up today.




AbbVie (ABBV):  153.06


AbbVie stock price has run up surprisingly in the last 5 days after trading in the mid 140s for a while. The company will report earnings tomorrow (10/28) … and the stock price could go either way.


Let’s roll our call out and up 1 strike today.


ACTION:  Roll ABBV 28 Oct 149 call to the 11 Nov 150 call for a net credit of around 0.72 to 0.75 and a .5% return

Buy to close the ABBV 28 Oct 149 call

Sell to open the ABBV 11 Nov 150 call




CF Industries (CF):  107.14


CF Industries’ stock price continues to trade higher in this market. CF stock has been upgraded twice over the last month with one price target of $135 from RBC Capital Markets.


The company announces earnings next week (11/2) which could impact momentum but with the volatility in the stock, we can roll our put out 2 weeks and still collect a rich premium.


TRADE ACTION:  Roll CF 28 Oct 100 put to the 11 Nov 101 put for a net credit of around 2.25 to 2.30 and a 2.3% return

Buy to close CF 28 Oct 100 put

Sell to open CF 11 Nov 101 put

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