We were able to spend a few days this week with customers at our annual Investor’s Blueprint Live event held in Las Vegas. It was a good chance to catch up with longtime members, share investment ideas and education, and meet new friends during the three-day conference.

We introduced our name change from Triple Play Income to Perpetual Income at the conference to better reflect the approach we take to generating income from both dividends and selling options. We will be rolling out our new logo along with updates to our member site this month. Also, you can expect another review session to go over existing positions and introduce a couple of new stocks to the portfolio.

March is one of our big ex-dividend months. We have a number of stocks going ex-dividend over the next two weeks that may limit what we can roll or manage week to week. But that’s a good thing… we can hold several of our stocks uncovered through the ex-dividend date and then sell calls right after.


B&G Foods (BGS): 15.99

B&G Foods came back from the dead this week. The stock is up 26% since the company reported Q4 earnings on Tuesday with EPS of $0.40 beating estimates by $0.18 and revenue of $623.2 million up 9% year over year.

During our most recent review session, I discussed potentially selling BGS at around $15 a share and moving on from the food producer, which had been a solid income generator up until this year. Given our conference this week, I haven’t had time to analyze the latest report and do another assessment of the stock. Let’s hold it for now and I’ll get an update on B&G out soon.



Cardinal Health (CAH): 74.65

Cardinal Health didn’t participate in the market rally this week. Our 3 Mar 79 call is still showing 0.25 of premium but should expire worthless today. Let’s wait until next week to add another call position. CAH goes ex-dividend on March 31.

ACTION: Watch 3 Mar 79 call expire worthless.


Kraft Heinz (KHC): 38.96

Kraft Heinz goes ex-dividend on Monday, March 13. We will let our 3 Mar 40.50 call expire worthless and look at selling a new call next Friday.

ACTION: Watch 3 Mar 40.50 call expire worthless.


Williams Companies (WMB): 30.95

Williams Companies has rallied over the past few days, but not enough to roll our 32 call out for a credit. The stock goes ex-dividend on Friday, March 10, so I don’t want to roll the call lower. We will let this call expire worthless.

ACTION: Watch 3 Mar 32 call expire worthless.


For new members: We brought in new members this week. Alerts next week will signal when to get into several of our stocks ahead of the ex-dividend dates. Stay tuned for alerts next week.

Have a good weekend.

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