We have several positions to review and manage today with 9 Sep expirations.




Blackstone (BX):  96.53


Our 9 Sep 107 call will expire worthless tomorrow. Let’s roll it out another 2 weeks 


ACTION:  Roll the BX 9 Sep 107 call to the 23 Sep 105 call for a net credit of around 0.70 to 0.75

Buy to close BX 9 Sep 107 call

Sell to open BX 23 Sep 105 call



CF Industries (CF):  103.10


Our CF 9 Sep 105 put is in the money but the stock is up today. Let’s wait another day and we will roll our put tomorrow. Look for an alert on CF tomorrow.


ACTION: No Action Today.


Stock Assignment


Camping World Holdings (CWH):  28.82


Camping World stock price has dropped along with the market this past week. CWH goes ex-dividend on Tuesday (9/13) and we want to own the stock so let’s take no action and accept shares over the weekend.


ACTION:  No Action. Take Assignment of CWH stock over the weekend.


Stock Assignment


Gilead Sciences (GILD):  64.91


Gilead goes ex-dividend on Wednesday (9/14) with a 0.73 payment … and we own the stock and a 9 Sep 63 call. However, premium has dried up around GILD and there is no way to roll our call out and up to 65 or 66 to avoid being called out early … we’d have to pay a steep debit to do so.


Let’s hold our position and assume that we will be called out of the stock this weekend. If the stock retraces on Monday, we can buy it back lower and sell covered calls again next week.


ACTION: No Action. We will be called out of the stock over the weekend and buy the stock back next Monday or Tuesday.

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