A quick update on two of our Triple Play Income positions.


Camping World Holdings (CWH):  23.84


Camping World stock price hasn’t had the best year but sales of their RV product line are up in 2022 as people coming out of covid are finding the RV live style … both to travel and/or work and travel. CWH stock may be in a lull through the next month or so until we head towards the spring and summer travel seasons.


CWH goes ex-dividend on Tuesday and with the stock price down in the recent market sell-off, we can let our 9 Dec 28.50 call expire and we’ll sell a new covered call next week.


ACTION: No Action. Let 9 Dec 28.50 call expire


Gilead Sciences (GILD): 87.79


Gilead stock goes ex-dividend next Wednesday paying 0.73 per share. Our 9 Dec 86 put will expire worthless this weekend. We will need to acquire the stock by next Tuesday. Let the 86 put expire worthless and look for an alert Monday or Tuesday to buy the stock.


ACTION:  No Action. Let 9 Dec 86 put expire worthless

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