Only one position to manage today. We have several other positions with Friday expirations that we will want to roll tomorrow or Friday.




AbbVie (ABBV):  149.34


AbbVie is getting closer to potential approval of the ABBV-154 drug for rheumatoid arthritis patients. It is one of the new drug developments at the company to help succeed the $20 billion Humira success story after that drug goes generic in 2023.


That and their product line developments is worth keeping our income generating position in ABBV going into 2023 for the near term. We can roll our call out and up to collect a smaller premium but give us some room for the stock to trade over the next two weeks.


ACTION:  Roll ABBV 11 Nov 150 call to the 25 Nov 152.50 call for a net credit of around 0.45 to 0.50

Buy to close ABBV 11 Nov 150 call

Sell to open ABBV 25 Nov 152.50 call

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