The DOW and most of the market is down today but our natural resource stocks are running. We can trade two of our positions today.



CF Industries (CF):  99.50


Our natural resource/inflation beneficiary stocks have been whipsawed like crazy over the last two weeks due to the news coming out of Ukraine. CF being no exception … hitting a 52-week high of $100 10 days ago, trading down to $89 and now back up over $99.


Let’s get back into CF Industries today selling another out of the money put 11 days out with a 77% potential of finishing out of the money.


ACTION:  Sell to open CF 1 Apr 91 put for a credit of around $1.10 to $1.16 and 1.1% return.



Rio Tinto (RIO):  77.35


We own Rio Tinto at 79.93 per share and now that we’ve earned the 4.17 dividend and the stock price has moved higher, we can sell a covered call for April. Remember, RIO trades only monthly options and they have fractional pricing.


ACTION:  Sell to open RIO 14 Apr 81.88 call for a credit of around 0.95 to 1.00 for a net 1.2% return.


We have other Triple Play Income positions to manage this week. Stay tuned for more alerts this week.


Invest Smarter,

David Durham

Triple Play Income

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