Perpetual Income Trade Alert: SO

This has been a challenging week for managing our open Perpetual Income positions. We held off making any adjustments until we saw the CPI numbers yesterday. Today, some of our positions are trading lower, limiting our ability to roll or adjust for credits. We don’t like to wait until the end of the week to […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: BX, CF, SO, WMB

After a mostly down week on bank fears, recession talk, the Federal Reserve’s rate hike and debt ceiling debate, the market is rallying following a better-than-expected jobs report for April. We have four positions expiring today, only one of which requires action. However, next week should be a busy one with the chance to roll […]

Perpetual Income Trade Alert: ABBV, GILD, SO

Several of our companies reported earnings this week, and we have a few positions to manage ahead of expiration. AbbVie (ABBV): 150.50 AbbVie announced Q1 results on Thursday, reporting $2.46 per share on $12.2 billion in revenue. While revenue was in line with estimates, it was down nearly 10% year over year, and EPS missed […]

Triple Play Income Alert: IBM, SO

We have two stocks that have remained uncovered for a month or so. Both have enjoyed five or more days of trading higher, allowing us to sell covered calls.   COVERED CALLIBM (IBM): 132.17 IBM has traded higher for the past week, giving us an opportunity to sell a covered call. The company will announce […]

Triple Play Income Alert: IBM, PM, SO

The S&P 500 continues to hover and hold at the 3900 level. After a couple of down days, most of our stocks are up today. We remain cautious in this current market environment, but “market up” days gives us a chance to manage a couple of our current positions.   TRADE ROLL   IBM (IBM):  […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: DOW, PM, SO

Here are the last few of our positions we need to manage before the weekend.   Dow Inc. (DOW):  54.71   I thought today’s market sell-off might help us roll our DOW 26 Aug 54 call out and up for a good credit but far enough away from the current stock price to avoid assignment […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: IBM, PM, SO

The market is holding and adding to the gains from yesterday which has challenged several of our positions expiring this week. And we need to add one new trade on an existing position we were called out of last week.   COVERED CALL   IBM (IBM):  132.82   IBM stock price has finally moved higher […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CAH, CF, GILD, SO

We held our Triple Play Income Quarterly Review session yesterday (8/3) where we had a chance to go through all of our trade positions and look at new additions in the coming weeks. If you missed the session, the recording has been posted on the member web site under Videos.  Here is the link to […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: CAH, CF, SO

The stock market reversed course from this morning giving us a chance to roll 3 of our positions with options expiring tomorrow.   TRADE ROLL   Cardinal Health (CAH):  55.69   Cardinal Health stock has held up reasonably well in this up-and-down market. The company doesn’t report earnings until 8/11, so we can roll our […]

Triple Play Income Trade Alert: ABBV, CF, PM, SO

Here are the last few positions to review and manage before we head into the weekend.   TRADE UPDATE   AbbVie Inc. (ABBV):  153.00   ABBV goes ex-dividend next week. We will let our 8 Jul 155 call expire worthless today and sell a new call closer to the ex-dividend date.   ACTION:  No Action. […]

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