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You'll Learn

  • Income-investing tactics for people who have less time to trade but need faster growth
  • Income-conservative trading tactics for people who want less risk without sacrificing higher returns
  • Aggressive trading tactics for people who just want more and more and more and more and more

We'll Teach

  • Trading tactics for portfolios that range in size from $5,000 up to a million dollars plus
  • Dividend tactics that pay 500% more income than the S&P 500 income stocks
  • And options tactics that generate 20% to 72% annual income returns on trading capital

You'll Discover

Options Income Accelerator:

Learn an accelerated income technique that will show you how to sell options to get 20% to 40% annual income from your portfolio.

Top Ten Income Stocks for 2022:

Let us hand you the best stocks for consistent income all year long – goes hand-in-hand with Options Income Accelerator training.

Turbo-Charged Dividends:

Discover a powerful and profitable options strategy for dividend stocks that transforms “low-yield” into monster income returns.

One Day Trade Strategy:

This is a simple, yet unique approach to selling options that can pay you 2% cash income in just one week (and every week thereafter).

6-Figure Portfolio Coaching:

Learn how to turn your six-figure portfolio into seven figures using a step-bystep approach to portfolio and capital allocation, setting income goals, finding the right stocks and more.

$5k per week challenge:

This challenge is a unique application of a simple yet aggressive options strategy that can pay $5k per week or more in cash income.  Accept this challenge and you can transform your portfolio in a week.

Small Account Options Trader:

An options strategy designed for people with small trading accounts that can get outrageous returns in less time. Never get shut out of options trading again because you don’t have enough money.

The Next Big Thing:

This market has been closed to retail investors until recently; yet it offers incredible growth and income potential for discerning people. You don’t need to be a millionaire to tap into this  hidden market.

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